About Me

Illuminations: Light (and Life) Changes Moment by Moment

Fascination by the varieties of light falling on and illuminating landscapes is at the heart of my art. The earth reveals itself as light is reflected on its surface. The enjoyment of a place at a particular time, is directly related to our appreciation of light in that instant.

No two moments are the same. Each moment that is "captured" is fleeting, never to be experienced again.

Often, people ask me where and when a photo was taken, hoping to re-create the same image themselves. As the saying goes, you cannot step into the same river twice. Likewise, you cannot capture the same photo twice. There will always be a different sky, different light, and change is always occurring in big and small ways that makes taking the same photo again impossible.

The emotions that are stirred in a viewer are a large part of where art happens. In this way, art finds fulfillment and comes full circle—I believe it creates a positive flow of energy between the art, the viewer, and myself. I initiate the process as I explore landscapes that capture my heart, interest and imagination—a fleeting moment, a pattern in nature, something seen that gives meaning and connection to that light-filled bit of space and time.

I travel extensively to photograph, always keeping my eyes open to appreciate what each day presents. It is a modern day nomadic lifestyle, the life of a traveling artist. I enjoy the adventures, the friendships made, and the supportive camaraderie of fellow artists and art patrons. The word "home" has taken on a bigger, more inclusive meaning.

My work keeps evolving. As an artist, I need to push, explore and get out of my comfort zone. Subtlety of expression, a new angle, a new perspective, and the ever changing nature of life itself, keep it all fresh for me. I find the natural world to be infinitely inspiring. I am also inspired by Ansel Adams, whose classic black & whites I find so artful.

For the past several years, I have exhibited black and whites at art shows. But I never want any past direction to define or constrict my expression as an artist going forward. I always want to feel free to explore. I am playing in the field of more abstraction in landscapes. Be sure to look for the “Abstracts” section within the image galleries on the site.

Please see my current art show schedule by going to the menu above. I exhibit at top juried art shows across the country, where I have won many awards.

Sunshine Artist is a magazine for artists exhibiting at art shows. In each issue they profile an artist; they profiled me in the issue below. Scroll down to read the article. (Advertisements have been removed.)